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“Our puppy is a 9 month old Jack Russell.  He is not socialised and because he is the only puppy at home he was not accustomed to other pets.  The CCC had no problem with that they took him in with open arms.  They gave him all the attention a tiny tot his age requires.  We received daily updates as well as pictures.   Because this was his first time away from us, this put our minds at ease and the staff had no problem with keeping us in the loop.  He enjoyed his stay to the fullest.  I think he believes the CCC is second home.”

Paveshni Govender – September ‘16




“Our 3 year old Dane and 3 month old Scottie enjoyed their weekend in spacious, airy accommodation.  The staff are caring and devoted and we received regular updates (with photo’s) which kept us at ease.”

Andrew Errington – September ‘16


“At last we have found a kennelling jewel in the form of ‘The Canine Country Club’. We are difficult owners and require the best possible for our ‘family’. Found it at last. Our two were so different from any previous experiences. Thank you.”

David Richman – September ‘16


“The kennels offered at Canine Country Club are perfectly suited for the perfect doggie holiday. My dogs came back very happy as though I had not left them. The staff were also very friendly and receiving photos during their stay made such a big difference as I could see they were having fun while we were away.”

Anne Foster – August ‘16




“Very positive experience!  Dogs were happy and were well looked after while I was away.  Very nice and accommodating staff and spacious kennels with some space for the dogs to play and run.  Thank you for looking after my furry babies!”

Marion Leiberich – May ‘16




“It was our first time leaving our two boys in a boarding kennel. My husband and I spent a lot of time researching various Kennels in and around the area. We were looking for a kennel that boarded a few dogs at a time, ensuring that dogs got enough individual attention. We were also looking for a kennel which had a spacious garden, per cottage as our GSD needs the space to run around and play fetch. The fact that the Canine Club and SA dog training College are on the same ground and the owners also lived on the same property gave us a great
peace of mind and this is why we had no issues travelling from our home in the North West of Johannesburg to Canine Country Club.
Thanks Biata and Romayne for all the updates and great work! ”

Ronnel Yankanna-Mohan – May ‘16


“My two dogs had a very bad start to their lives and as a result skittish around strangers so are both very spoilt and we had never left them.  Recently had no choice but to leave them for a night.  I researched the Canine Country Club and could only find good reports including a recommendation from my VET.  I would have no hesitation to leave them again.  The facility was like a holiday for them and they were happy and relaxed when we got them home.  Thank you Biata and staff.”

Anne Hope-Sotherton – April ‘16


“We started training in February 2016.  This is how we came to know about the Canine Country Club.  Our dogs sleep inside and are most of the time, with us.  This made the decision easy for us to use these kennels as the owners and staff are always there to look after our dogs and make sure they are safe and well.”

Betsie Zuidersma – March ‘16


“I want to thank you and Romayne for the last couple of stays.  Thank you for the care that my dogs receive.  They show no behaviour effects after a stay and that is wonderful.
I am going to use my Canine Country Club photo frame with pride.  Until next time early 2016 , enjoy a blessed Christmas.”

Suzanne van Niekerk – November ‘15


"Being our (their) first stay at a kennel we were a bit concerned and worried (they are quite spoiled).  The team at CCC put our minds at ease and provided constant feedback on how the stay was progressing.  The photos they sent afterwards was just the icing on the cake.  Dogs look happy and healthy and I’m certain they won’t minding staying at CCC again”.

Errol Bothma – September ‘15


They make it all about the dogs. You feel very comfortable leaving your dogs with them”.

Megan Olivier – September ‘15


“Thank you so much for taking such good care of Joc, he looks so healthy and he was very happy when he came back.  We appreciate your service”.

Deano Rampersad – December ‘13


“We are so happy that we found Canine Country Club.  Our dogs looked happy and they received attention from the staff during their stay.  We know that they were safe and well taken care of.  We won't take our dogs to any other kennel.”

Brent & Rozaan Rundle – August ‘13


“ Chang is used to his comforts and loves to drink water out of the pool sniff around for any sign of a cat that does not belong in his garden, all of this he can find at the Canine Country Club. Thank you for looking after Chang, he normally chills during the day and likes to play when I come home at night. I was impressed to see how close Chang became to you in the 24 hours that he stayed with you and I can assure you that we would be very comfortable to leave him for longer periods with you in future. ”

Leon & Sandy De Lange – May ‘13

“I really love your boarding design so that families stay together and no ‘SPCA type kennels’ involved. Your attention to detail and feedback shows your commitment to what you do and love to do. They were such happy dogs on the ride home. I would send my 2 Beagles back to your Country Club any day!”

Sanchi Leibach - April '13



“I was very nervous to put my two Spaniels in a kennel.  They are very spoiled and virtually with me every day and night.  After their stay at the Canine Country Club, I can honestly say that there was no need to be nervous.  The friendly staff not only set my mind at ease, but also took care of my two ‘furry children.’  They exceeded my expectations and I will definitely use them again in the future and recommend them to anyone who loves their pet and wants them in the best care possible!”

Melissa Muller – February ‘13

" I would say to any person who would like to board their animal at Canine Country Club that they go away with a peaceful mind that their pet will be taken care of in a very professional, loving way.  You took the time to play with Electra and really went the extra mile.  (P.S Electra might want to move in there permanently)  No seriously, Electra is a difficult puppy and she was content and I think looked very happy.  I highly recommend Canine Country Club to anyone who would like to board their dogs there.  WELL DONE!!!!”

Carol Van Den Berg - February ‘13

“Our two Shepherds’ are like our kids so it was a very difficult decision to kennel them while going on holiday.  BUT, we could not have been more pleased - I can only describe the Canine Country Club as a 5 star hotel for dogs!  The facilities are outstanding, the staff are dog enthusiasts and treat them as if they were their own!”

Karen Bester - January ‘13


“Thank you very much for this report card!  We were very relieved to come home to a very healthy and happy looking Levi. She has settled back into her normal routine very quickly and is exactly the same dog she has always been.  We had no issues with her returning home.

Many thanks for taking such good care of her while we were away, we will definitely be using you again at the end of the year.”

Christin Gowar – December ‘12

“Canine Country Club is a wonderful place for your dogs to also have a holiday.  The facilities are clean and well taken care of.  Our dogs had the choice of a big yard or to go indoors.  And they got personal attention from Biata & Christine!
Thank you for taking such good care of our kids!  We had a few requests for our kids, which were fulfilled and they came back happy, well rested and content.  Canine Country Club is really worth the price!!”


Ashleigh van Woerden - November ‘12

“Canine Country Club is a five-star kennel.  Thank you for taking good care of my pets!”

David Merchant - November ‘12


“Thank you so much for taking the time to do a report on our babies and for taking so good care of them.   I could see the difference in them when we collected them from that time when we collected them at the previous kennels where they stayed.   They were very happy dogs and Oscar ran into another kennel to smell there first after greeting us.    I will certainly make use of your kennels again and would definitely recommend your kennels.   I had to smile when I read that they preferred to sleep
inside as both dogs sleep in our bedroom in their little beds and Oscar likes to be covered with a blanket.  They are spoilt but I just love them so much.”

Lenie Hertz - October ‘12

“Canine Country Club is an awesome holiday resort for doggies.  Our babies came back as happy and rested as we did after staying in a 5 star lodge.”

Paulina Houniet - October ‘12


“My husband and I were looking for a kennel for our two four-legged children to stay while we were on holiday during August, which is still a very cold time of the year.  Our Boxer has very bad arthritis in his back legs and we did not want to leave them at home sleeping outside in their kennel.  We were looking for a “home from home” for them to stay and be able to have under floor heating in their little house, which CCC offers - which was really fantastic news for us.  We also liked the size of their “play area” - they had enough space to run and explore and not be confined to a small space.  Biata really did a great job with all the paperwork she sent which we had to complete before Cleo and Duke arrived so she would know exactly what the “do’s and
don’ts” were.  We really appreciated the fact Biata also kept us up to date with how Cleo and Duke was settling in and doing via sms which also put our minds totally at ease knowing they are very well looked after and given lots of TLC as well.  I would definitely recommend CCC to family and friends and would definitely make use of CCC again in the future if the need arises.”

Nicolette de Villiers - August ‘12

“Oh wow, I’m so proud of our children’s report card!!!   Thank you so much for the feedback - what a wonderful experience we’ve had, Max & Skylar will surely be back!!!”

Johnny & Jacqui Ioannides - May ‘12



“I would recommend Canine Country Club to anyone who wants their animals to receive the same love and attention they would normally get at home.  It is the only place I would suggest to anybody who wants to go on holiday and not have to worry about their pets at all as you can be assured that they are well loved and cared for.”

Charlene Holtzhauzen - April ‘12 



“ Canine Country Club has excellent facilities. Biata & Christine are efficient and offer a professional service with a personal touch - I really appreciated the sms’ letting me know my Bulldog pup was just fine!!”

Danica Joseph - April ‘12



“What a fantastic idea.
We have always been apprehensive sending our dogs to kennels and have over the years paid for a house sitter.Our dogs loved their stay; I personally think they were like kids on a school camp.

Captain loves going to your place and I think he thinks he has got ”time share“ at this amazing resort, where he can  chill out and have some time away from his humans.”

Rees Mann – April ‘12


“This was the first time my Jack Russell Terrier, Enzo, went to a kennelling facility.  I was very happy to hear from the sms feedback that he settled in well and was having a good time there.

The size of the runs per kennel was quite big and provided adequate space for Enzo to play.  I was happy to hear all about all the love and attention Enzo got from the learner instructors (from S.A.D.T.C) as Enzo loves to socialise and play with humans also.Overall, the Canine Country Club is a great place for kennelling...I was at ease to know that my dog was well looked after.”

Nolan Pillay – March ‘12


“I had my two pups kennelled at Canine country Club recently and can highly recommend them. The day we collected our pups we were sent a Report Card. The report card was amazing. Well done to Biata, the owner! I showed my friends and all the people at work and they were totally amazed as they have never seen anything so professional. Well done on it all! Thanks again, will definitely use Canine Country Club again....”

Lin Ewan – February ‘12



“I would like to thank everyone at Canine Country Club for accommodating Al Capone and Eragon at such short notice.  I had no inhibitions about leaving them at your facilities as I have seen other animals in the facility and cannot say that I have ever seen an unhappy dog there.  I’ve only heard good things about Canine Country Club and the prices are really reasonable. 

I appreciate the time you have taken to spend with the dogs while in your care and to make them feel at home.  From the photo’s that were taken and their behaviour when we got back to them, I’d say that they felt right at home and had an absolute blast of a time.  Thanks again for your time and commitment to my ‘puppies’.”

Keith Duranty – February ‘12


“Biata is obviously just as big an animal lover as me, and that put me right at ease to leave my dogs with her. The facilities are spacious, clean, interesting and without excessive traffic noise which all helped the dogs to relax. My dogs who are usually very clingy, settled in very quickly, and that says it all!”

Anita Swarts - January ‘12



“We were attracted to the Canine Country Club from the website photos.  The appearance of the boarding kennels was well maintained.  The staff were helpful, they treated and handled the pets well.  Our dogs seem to have enjoyed their stay.  I would recommend the Canine Country Club to friends and relatives. 

This was money well spent and I will use their facilities in the future.  They have great staff and excellent facilities.  I was very pleased!!!  The kennels were HUGE with lots of grass.”

Laura Nagel – January ‘12


“The thing that attracted me to the Canine Country Club was that they my dogs had their own run and cottage, they could be fed their own food and have their own bedding and toys.  The appearance of the kennels was immaculate.  Staff were very helpful and friendly, they made you feel confident that your dogs will be well cared for.

 Sarah even seems to be less insecure since her stay.  The accommodation of your pets individual needs at such a good rate is amazing.  Out of all the kennels I viewed the Canine Country Club was the only choice for me.”

Jacqui Wing – January ‘12



“Thank you for the great service, feedback and sms’, we will use you again.  The dogs looked fit and healthy when we fetched them.”

Grenville Goosen – December ‘11




“We went on holiday for the December holidays and located Canine Country Club via Internet.  The prices were comparative and the web page looked good too.  We went through on a Saturday to see the facilities and were surprised at the amount of dogs being taken through the paces of training - at this stage we decided to use CCC.

  Up to the day of dropping Peanut and Biscuit off, the staff stayed in touch with their requirements and confirmations as well as meeting us on the day we were to drop them off.  We went on holiday and had great peace of mind since staff were able to give us updates regularly via sms' as well as if we called to let us know "all is ok" - this really made our holiday extra special as we had peace of mind that they were being taken care of very well.  Biata took the time to get to know Biscuit and Peanut as we often remarked while away - that only someone who knew Peanut and Biscuit could get to recognize their personalities as we know them.  We collected them as arranged and Peanut seemed a bit depressed for a day or two.  We know what a fun-loving personality he has and we are sure it is because he missed running around his large enclosure as well as the scenery and Biata's undivided attention.  Thanks for this, Biata - YOU ARE A STAR!!

We were pleasantly surprised on my return to work to find a report card with photo's depicting their stay at CCC.

Thank you to the Management and Staff at Canine Country Club for offering a "home away from home" for our babies and a holiday for us with the knowledge that Peanut and Biscuit are in safe and capable hands.

All our best wishes to all at CCC for 2012.

P.S.  I would like to add that very few places match what they say in their web pages - what a fantastic find!!!!”

Janine Nolte – December ‘11



“We were attracted to these facilities based on the spacious kennels and that the dogs could share.  Thank you for caring for our puppies!  Tess & Cino are very happy and the paddle pool was a wonderful treat!”

Elize Giese – December ‘11





At last I have found a facility for my Bassets that allows me to relax without any “pet anxieties” on my holiday.  At the Canine Country Club, you can rest assured that your “special babies” are so well taken care of that they actually enjoy being there.  I am an over-anxious pet owner of 3 beautiful Basset hounds

 I checked out the facility before taking my babies there and found it to be well organized, clean, spacious and secure.  After a few minutes of interaction with the owners Biata and Christine, I immediately felt confident that my Bassets would be safe and happy there.  I believe that the facility, standard of attention and care offered by the Canine Country Club should become the yard-stick against which all other boarding kennels are evaluated.”

Carol Truter – December ‘11


“Being a first time kennel user I was very specific in choosing a kennel that would offer what we wanted for our dog.  Canine Country Club offered all of that and more.  The daily sms’s were much appreciated and put us at ease while we were away as we knew exactly how our ‘child’ was adapting.  We are so thankful for the exceptional care and love that our dog received and will definitely recommend this kennelling facility to anyone!”

Lauren Rich – December ‘11




“We liked the freedom the dogs had and their enclosures and we felt they were being looked after by professionals. It was also reassuring to receive an SMS letting us know all was well. Thanks for the follow up and pictures of their stay.”

Ian & Dee Fraser – November‘11




"Thank you for taking such good care of Tia. Although we were confident we had made the right choice on where to board her, we were rather anxious about how she would settle down, as this was the first time she had boarded at kennels. Your sms contacts soon put our minds at rest and we were able to enjoy our holiday, knowing that she is in good hands. Canine Country Club met our every expectation and we can recommend your facilities to anyone requiring such services."

Graham Wiggill- September '11




"As the family was going to be away for the weekend, we had to find a boarding kennel. We visited one near our area but were not impressed with the facilities. As my family walked into the Canine Country Club my son gave his approval as the surroundings and 'apartment' were in excellent condition, where we felt we could leave our pets at."

Althea Forson - August'11



‘When my husband and I decided to go on holiday after 6 years, I started checking out kennelling facilities and came across the Canine Country Club.  I had previously taken my dog to S.A Dog Training College where Christine & Biata helped me enormously with the training of my then “out of control” dog, Bobby.  I was now looking for kennelling for him, so I was absolutely delighted to see they had kennelling facilities.

 I had absolutely no doubts as to their love and kindness towards animals and knew he would be in good hands.  It was just a matter of checking out the facilities.  All I can say is “fantastic”!  A huge area for him to run around, a spacious kennel with under floor heating and a raised bed.  What more could one ask for.

We dropped him off, spent some time with him getting him settled (with Biata’s patient help, of course) and in a matter of minutes he was quite happy and comfortable with his surroundings.  While on holiday I got messages to say that Bobby was doing fine.

When we collected him, he was the same happy, healthy, energetic dog he was when we left him there.  In fact, I think he had a better time there than what he has at home because of all the attention he got and with all the activity that goes on.

My sincere thanks to Christine, Biata & staff.  I will never take Bobby anywhere else.”

Lesley McConnell – July‘11


“Our dog, Sam, felt right at home straight away and loved the stretched beds! He also enjoyed the company of the other dogs as the enclosures are see-through. It was very easy to make reservations. We will definitely bring Sam back!”




Marisa Rosa – June‘11


“We kenneled Jack and Maiya for just short of 5 months.  It was like a hotel for them with fantastic facilities.  The dogs were treated by the owners as if they were their own dogs, and the occasional sms on how they were doing just added to the experience.  The final report on their stay was also a lovely touch.  I would not kennel my dogs any place else.  Thanks to the wonderful staff for the experience!!!”

Joanne Warrington – May ‘11

“The appearance and cleanliness of the Cottages and Runs was excellent. The staff were very helpful and friendly and very professional, they are obviously very experienced and comfortable around dogs. We had no hesitation in leaving our two dogs. The facilities offer excellent value for money. I would board my dogs here in future, without a doubt. The care and attention our dogs received was very good. Leaving your pets is very worrying for a dog owner, but I would happily leave Max and Cooper. Max has a tendency to pine after one week, but I feel confident that the staff at the Canine Country Club are very experienced and would be able to deal with him. I think the most reassuring aspect of your kennels is that you actually like dogs and that makes a big difference when you are leaving your pets in the care of other people. We would use your kennels again without hesitation.”

Elizabeth Ramsay – April ‘11


“In April last year, my husband and I decided to buy a Weimaraner puppy, and ever since that day our lives have not been the same!  She has crept into our hearts and has firmly claimed her place as only child in our house!

In January this year, we were forced to find a kennel for Lexie to stay at while we went away for a few days.  I contacted the Canine Country Club after some research on the internet.  I immediately felt that this is going to be a good place for our puppy after seeing the pictures on the website.

 All the correspondence I had with the Country Club was very efficient and Biata and Christine answered all my questions even before I could ask them. On our arrival (on a very rainy afternoon) Christine was there to greet us and the run was ready for Lexie.  Christine was amazing in helping me to get Lexie into the run (as she was not happy at all!).  I was also granted some time to help Lexie settle and to say goodbye.

The kennel and run was beautiful and clean – there is also enough space for her to stretch her stilt-like legs!  Johannes immediately sorted out the bedding and toys and within 10 minutes all was well! Lexie loved the stretcher-bed and was on top of if immediately!

During our holiday Biata also sent me a sms to let me know that my puppy was doing fine – such a wonderful touch!
On the Monday morning when I left home to fetch Lexie, I prepared myself for a very dirty puppy (as it was raining all weekend) but to my surprise Lexie, her toys and her bedding was squeaky clean, and I was greeted by a very happy puppy!

Thanks again for looking after our puppy so well!  I will definitively be using the Canine Country Club again, and I will not hesitate to tell my friends about you!”
Liesl and Lexie – January ‘11


“A special thanks to Biata and Christine as well as their staff for taking such good care of our two Beagles, Titan and Luska.

We were a bit concerned because this was their first time in a kennel.  Titan had a previous case of separation anxiety, so we were afraid that when we got back from holiday the anxiety will be back.  But to our relief, they both were absolutely fine.  They had their own little holiday.  We were put at ease every day by a sms from Biata just to tell us how they were adjusting. 

We enjoyed their professionalism and precision.

The Canine Country Club will always be our only option.”

Suranie & Stian Otto - October ‘10


‘I would just like to thank the Canine Country Club for taking such good care of our TJ while we were out of the country for 2 weeks.  

Before we left TJ with you, you asked us to give you a list of all the things that needed to be done or not be done e.g. no toys to be left with him while he was by himself and eating times.  I don't think TJ even missed us and was a really Happy Chappie when we collected him.  TJ was lovely and clean and had not lost any weight (he can be difficult eater).

Lots of photos were taken of TJ and were given to us in a file on the day we collected him as well as a full report on his everyday activities.  It was so nice to see pictures of him running and just having fun.

When TJ returned home and was put back with our other 2 dogs, there was not a problem with them being together again, which was one of our concerns.

Thank you once again and my money was well spent.’
Louis Grobler - September ‘10

“I will only ever take my dogs to the Canine Country Club!!!!

We left our 2 Dobermanns, a male, Keeno and a female, Vada at the Canine Country Club for 2 weeks as we had to go overseas.  I was quite concerned about being away from them for so long as we had never left them before, but especially as we spend a lot of our time with our dogs and they live and sleep inside with us.

Upon arrival, they were so welcomed that they started having fun straight away, playing with their toys and running about.  Our little girl even claimed a corner and buried her chew toy there!  They were enjoying themselves so much so they did not even worry
when we left.

While we were away, we were delighted to receive email and sms updates about our dogs including pictures and even a video of them playing, which is what i truly believe is something only somebody who fully understands the bonds we share with our animals would do for us, and those somebodies are the Canine Country Club.

When we returned to collect our four legged friends, it seemed they had been enjoying themselves so much they didn't seem in any way bothered that we had been gone, in fact they were having so much fun they weren't interested about going home.

I cannot thank you enough for looking after our companions just as we do if not better :)  I don't need to say anymore because the pictures in the gallery of them will tell you the rest.

Again Many Thanks.”
Demetri and Geraldine Kaldelis - July ‘10

“The reason I was attracted to the Canine Country Club was the under floor heated chalets and the fact that we could bring our own dogs food with.  The kennels and run were clean and neat.  The Staff were very helpful and friendly.  The Staff treated Zoe very well and she loved all the attention.  Zoe definitely seemed to have enjoyed her stay.  This is great value for money, nice big grassed area for the dog, individual attention and care.  Compared to other facilities, the Canine Country Club is much better, more care and attention given and I liked the report of Zoe’s stay.  Zoe was very quiet when we brought her home on Friday, but my Monday she was completely her normal self,
charging around playing 'fetch' and tug of war and enjoying her game of chase me and see if you can catch me.  Every time she has been to kennels she takes about 2 days to adjust and then she is back to her normal self again.  I don’t know why.  Perhaps this time it was because she received so much stimulation that she did not want to come home.  Thank you very, very much for looking after her so well and thank you for the SMS's.”

Elrene De Kock - July ‘10

“It was a very sad day when we realised that we had to leave our dogs for the first time... but it had to be done as we were travelling by air and could not take them with us.  As we have both our dogs, Fergie and Aldo, in training at SADTC, we decided that we would give the Canine Country Club a try because we have gotten to know all of you over the last 2 months and we know you are all committed animal lovers.

When I dropped them off on Friday, I was very nervous and sad - thinking that our dogs would hate us by the time we came to fetch them on Monday again. I must say that seeing the area they were going to stay in did make me feel a bit better - the
“cottage” was spotless and it’s great that you have under floor heating in there for them so that the winter nights are warm and cosy. The “yard” that they had was big and spacious (and very well kept) which also made me happy as they are used to having quite a bit of space at home. Still, I was very sad to leave them, but I was told that I could call at any time to find out how they were doing and I was assured that they would be well cared for. I called just before 17h30 that day and was told that all was well and our dogs were adjusting nicely.
Imagine my surprise when I received an sms from you on Saturday morning confirming that Fergie and Aldo were doing great (eating & playing as if they were at home) and that there was nothing to worry about - that really put me at ease - thank you!
On Monday, when my husband collected them, he had only good things to say. He said that the “cottage” and “yard” were still immaculate and the dogs were very happy and playful. The “reports” you gave us were such a nice touch and the attached photos are fantastic - so nice for us to see our dogs “in action” as we often miss that while we are at work. Upon arrival at home, it was as if they had never been gone - they were extremely playful and happy and we could see they had been well cared for and loved while we were away.
Thank you so much! We of course will always try to take them with us on holidays whenever we can, but on the occasions when we really can’t, we will definitely always leave them at the Canine Country Club as we know they will be looked after as if they are your own! Well done on a superb facility and a fantastic “relationship” with your clients Ð both the humans and the furry ones!”
Jorge, Giselle, Fergie & Aldo Dos Santos - June ‘10

“My experience with dealing with the Canine Country Club was wonderful. My dog, a miniature daschund, 12 years old, has never been into kennels before, and for this reason I did not go away on holiday last year (previous years were sorted out with my mom looking after her), so at the end of 2009 I started the hunt for kennels for when I went away in 2010.

I phoned my Vet and got a list of kennels from them – called one of them – from the interaction on the phone, I knew that my pet was NOT going there i.e. can I come and view your kennels please – response “it’s just a kennel”.

Fortuitously, one night while driving home from work, I tuned into 5FM, and I heard the tail end of a lady promoting her business - the Canine Country Club. Next day, googled them, phoned them, wonderful interaction – “come and view”, which I did and was put totally at ease upon my visit that my little noo-noo would be well looked after, in “5 star” doggy comfort and attention. The facility is not just a kennel. Upon showing pictures to my colleagues, they can’t believe the space etc that pets are kept in i.e. lots of space and a little house for them to sleep in!

She stayed at the Canine Country Club last week for 4 nights, of course was delighted to see me again, but all in all, I am sure that she had a good experience. Plus Biata gives you a summary of the stay with lovely pictures, and I will book my pet at the Canine Country Club again, without a doubt.”

Beverley Riley – April ‘10


“I would just like to say a big thank you for looking after my boys. They came home so happy, so much so, every time I go to my car they try to jump in with me.

You truly offer an amazing service and I am so glad I found you.”

Deena Pascoe – April ‘10


“Buddy and Kola had a wonderful Easter at Canine Country Club, with so much love and care provided by the wonderful staff.

Canine Country Club is a resourceful, creative and flexible organisation that takes pride in their services.

I can unreservedly recommend Canine Country Club for your loved ones.”

Conny Roberts – April ‘10


"We have two female Dachshunds - Kiki and Molly. In March my cousin got married in Bloemfontein. Because we have neighbors who complain about our dogs barking when we're not at home, we decided it would be best to board them. We had tried other kennels before and didn't like it at all. We felt guilty for leaving our "children" in such small kennels without even a little patch of grass. They always came back traumatized, stressed and smelling of urine. I had visited the Canine Country Club (CCC) website before and liked what I saw. But because it cost a little more than the other kennels I kept on taking my dogs to the other "nasty" kennels. This time I decided to give CCC a try seeing as it
was only for the weekend and I couldn't bare the though of taking them to one of the other kennels again.

When we arrived at CCC there was lots of activity as it was a Saturday morning and there was training going on. It felt like it was Kiki and Molly's first day at school with all the other dogs around doing all kinds of tricks with their owners. We were escorted to their cottage (not your average kennel). Kiki and Molly were very surprised to see that they had neighbors - two strapping young Dachshund males! CCC had organized it like that. The cottage was great! About 100m" of lawn to play and run around on and a tiled cottage that even I would be comfortable sleeping in. There were two special doggie stretchers for them to sleep on. They immediately jumped on and looked very chuffed as the stretchers were almost as high as their couch at home! I drove off feeling very happy that I had found a place I feel comfortable leaving my canine children at.

I fetched two very happy - and clean dogs from CCC that Sunday. It looked like they had the time of their life - like children coming home from a holiday by the sea. We received a report on each of the dogs - how they settled in; how they responded to the caretakers; how well they ate; what games they played; etc. It even contained photos of Kiki and Molly playing, eating, drinking water and checking out the neighbors! It was clear that they had received a lot of attention during their stay. I will never revert back to any other kennel again. The money I would save cannot compare with the peace of mind I have when leaving my dogs with CCC.

The only pity is that Pietie and Silly, our two Ringneck Parakeets can't go too!"

Jolandi Dreyer - March '10 


“I cannot thank you enough for looking after Dave and Emily; two much loved and spoilt Pugs. When we came back from our 10 day holiday we found our Pugs very happy, well fed and healthy. I have proudly shown off the report that I was given, which includes a breakdown of their behavior during their stay as well as photos documenting their daily activities. My mind was put at rest when on New Years Eve I was sms’d a photo of my two sitting happily in their new spacious enclosure.

Three years ago Dave had stayed at another kennel in Pretoria and we found him in a sorry state, since then I have been reluctant to leave him. But now that we have found the Canine Country Club I can go on holiday knowing that my dogs are well looked after and cared for with love.

I have and will continue to recommend Canine Country Club to all our family and friends.

Thank you again for everything and see you soon”
Cassandra Brennan – December ‘09


“I highly recommend the Canine Country Club to look after your dogs.  After a two and half week absence from our dogs, we came back to find both of them happy and healthy.  The allocated lots are very spacious and the number of kennels are limited which ensures all dogs are well taken care of and paid a lot of personal attention. The facilities were always clean and well maintained and additional touches like splash pools, doggie treats, personlised reports, photos and sms updates make this kenneling facility unique in many ways.  Biata exudes a passion for what she does and her willingness to please her fury customers gives us, as owners, the reassurance that our pets are in excellent hands!”  
Thanks again Biata!

Angela Riva – December ‘09


“Thank you so much for all the personal attention and care that you showered on our two Rottweilers whilst we were overseas.

This is the first time that we have boarded them in kennels and I was naturally very apprehensive on how they would adapt to such strange surroundings.

You put me at ease on the day that I dropped them off by sending me a photograph on my cell phone to show how well they had settled in. Thank you for that and for all the other photographs that you sent me on a regular basis, including updates on how they were doing and what they were up to. 

This was very important to me and I really appreciated it as I could thoroughly enjoy my holiday knowing what good hands they were in and that they were happy.

Apart from the regular cell phone contact with us, I would also like to commend you on the “Report Booklet”, including photographs, that you gave us when we came through to collect the dogs. This was very informative and a big bonus.

Talking of bonuses, thank you for washing their blankets….

Butch and Bella were in excellent health when we collected them and were quite “at home” in their beautiful enclosure.   Bella does miss her Canine Country Club paddle pool, and looks longingly at our seriously barricaded Koi pond which protects our remaining Koi from further trauma counselling due to her snorkelling antics……  Both dogs settled back at home immediately with absolutely no change in their behavioural habits.

I have no hesitation to recommend your kennels very highly to anyone who is interested in housing their dogs with you and they are most welcome to contact me for a reference if they so desire.

Thank you once again.”

Enid & Corrie Pretorius – December ‘09


“Just a short note to thank you for looking after my two loved ones whilst I was having a ball. I can’t remember when I last sent my dogs to a “kennel” as I have always found the process too traumatic and as a result very seldom go away. This last week I was fortunate to be able to take my dogs to you “The Canine Country Club” …….. Not a Kennel…… for the Christmas period. All I can say at this stage is WOW that really is  5 star treatment. What with private “swimming pool” and all. Your lawn is also considerably better than mine. Not to mention their beds. I hope Hannah and Kylie don’t object too much if I don’t rush out and buy them a raised bed! I really enjoyed getting their MMS with my Christmas wish, a beautiful Photo. The “Report” I received when I fetched them was truly incredible and really honest. Again super photographs of their stay, the things you do when you are on holiday. I must say both Hannah and Kylie are really looking super and shining. I am sure they had a ball.
Thanks very much again for your enthusiasm and dedication to our four legged friends.”

Jan & Jean De Waal and of course Hannah & Kylie – December ‘09

“I cannot begin to say thank you enough for the great care you took of Duke and Troy! They were so at home, relaxed, no signs of stress whatsoever, in fact they were very exhausted yesterday from all the attention and playing over the weekend. The extra mile that you went with the report cards for both of them is fantastic! I don't think that I have EVER heard or seen of another kennel that has done this. It is absolutely amazing that you go to these extra efforts - it shows so much love and pride in what you guys do! They will most certainly be back in the future and knowing that they are safe, in such great hands and with so much love and care! Thank you again for your super service! I will most certainly recommend you guys to anybody that needs to kennel their dogs.

Take care guys and thanks again - much much appreciated.” Melanie Chapsis – November ‘09




“Mike, Takara & I would like to thank you for the great care you took of Zoe & Isabella. They came home happy, well looked after and clean.
I am sure if they could write they would be asking to come back to stay with you again, very soon.
We have shown our colleagues the photos & story, everyone could not believe the great facilities and care taken. Canine Country club is no exaggeration.
We can definitely go away again without worrying about them, it makes our break so much more relaxing knowing that our pets are loved and looked after so well.

From all of us a very big, Thank You!”
Lesley, Mike & Takara Roberts – September ‘09

“Thank you for looking after my four legged friends so well. The space they had in the “garden” runs was certainly more than large enough for them to play and chase each other. Especially for Mira this was great. While I am sure Hobo enjoyed the chasing around, he fortunately (I am convinced of that) never felt stressed and that was as you know very important to me due to his Epilepsy. The nice thing is that they also would never have felt bored as they can see everything that goes on around them. I am sure that the training they have had near by on the grounds, also made the area familiar and loved by them. When I came to training on Saturday they certainly were not stressed at all to come to the area where the kennels are, they were very relaxed.

Thanks again and you will certainly look after them again.”
Heidi Bracegirdle – September ‘09

“Our dogs were left in the care of the Canine Country Club for over two weeks while we went away.  We were very happy with the condition in which we found them when we returned...they were as happy and healthy as ever!  Both our dogs require a great deal of attention and care and we feel that they were treated accordingly by their care-givers.  I will not hesitate to leave my dogs at the boarding kennels in the future and will go on holiday assured that my dogs are happy and safe.

I would definitely recommend the Canine Country Club to all my friends and family or to anyone who loves their pups as much as we do!”
Vasili & Georgia Manelis – August ’09

"Our human family are all grown up and left the loft... "The Family" now consists of a GSD, a Border Collie and a Maltese who gave grown to enjoy a high degree of human companionship and daily vigorous interaction, growing accustomed to these treatments, they now demand that we keep this up day by day and in all weather conditions.

On our recent two week trip to the game reserve we had to find a suitable home for them during this period. "The Family" attend training at SADTC each Saturday, with the development and construction of Canine Country Club came the solution for them to enjoy their holiday and the same treatment they where accustomed to at home.

No better place for them. They where treated like royalty and we had peace of mind for the away period.

The Three say "A BIG THANK YOU" you for their care. Recommending Canine Country Club to all other dog lovers. Charles & Rina Tomes" – July ’09
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